Apply to Study Abroad

Studying abroad can be one of the most beneficial experiences for college students. Before choosing a destination and applying to study abroad, students should contact the Study Abroad Coordinator, Dr. Smith, to schedule an advising session. Email Dr. Smith at

Application Deadlines

Study Abroad Term Application Deadline
Summer February 15
Fall April 1
Spring September 15

Application Steps

UA Little Rock Study Abroad uses Via TRM to process study abroad applications. Follow these directions (also provided in the TRM document) to create your profile and start your application.

Step 1: Go to to start looking at your options for study abroad.

Step 2: Click “Sign In” then click “Get Started”. Be sure to use your UA Little Rock email and password.

Step 3: Follow the prompts and answer the questions to start building your profile so you can search programs of interest. If you are unable to type or select in any fields, please click “Next” to continue.

Step 4: When complete, click on “profile” in the top left corner, and then “profile preferences” to get to the “program match tool” to explore your study abroad options.

Step 5: Once you have been approved of a program, you can continue to build your profile by going to the left menu and click “Traveler Info” to complete the top two sections, “Personal Information” and “Academic Information.”

Step 6: You can continue to build your application after you have been approved of a program and are getting your materials together for your education abroad experience.

Required Documents

Once you have started your study abroad application you will be able to add required documents that are part of the application. You will submit these under “Forms” in your Via profile. All required documents must be submitted before leaving for your study abroad experience.

The following documents are required, but additional documents related to a student’s specific program may also be required:

  • Acceptance Letter from Host Institution, Program Provider, or International Internship
  • Course Pre-Approval Form
  • Consortium Agreement (with Section 1 and 4 complete)
  • Proof of International Insurance
  • Copy of Passport
  • Flight Information
  • Student Visa Information (If a visa is required)
  • Proof of STEP Enrollment
  • Health Services Clearance Form
  • Waivers
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Description of International Internship (If applicable)