The UALR Brand

What is a Brand?

A brand is not a logo, a color, or a tagline. A brand is an essence. For a university, the essence is its heart; it’s what drives the university’s unique actions and communications. A brand is an idea that people have about you. It’s the perception people have when they think of UALR.

A brand is also the promise of what UALR delivers to the people we serve. Like corporations, universities know that leading university brands give them an advantage in recruitment of students and faculty, fundraising, and program support. To strengthen UALR’s brand, our job is to influence perceptions people have of UALR by presenting consistent and credible messages about the university and our people and their accomplishments.

Why Brand UALR?

Branding UALR helps communicate consistent and credible messages to the people we serve. An established brand allows UALR to have the kind of public image that instills confidence that the university is producing valuable returns for our students, alumni, donors, faculty, and staff, and for central Arkansas and the entire state. When we build a strong brand for UALR, we are also building the reputation of our colleges, departments, and programs. UALR’s new Brand Identity initiative provides more tools, templates, and information to help individuals and campus departments strengthen the brand.

In the updated Guide to Visual Standards, you’ll find guidelines for logos, stationery, business cards, color palettes, websites, electronic message boards, advertising, signage, and other communication tools. This new comprehensive collection of standards makes it convenient for you to develop more consistent communications in print, on the web, and in social media. We encourage you to browse the UALR Branding Toolkit to find such elements and templates for official use.

The latest Graphic Identity guidelines, effective September 2010, replace the previous published UALR graphic standards. The standards are overseen by the Office of Communications. UALR employees, departments, and colleges, however, are ultimately responsible for maintaining full compliance of the standards.

Please take time to read these guidelines so you can do your part to help strengthen the UALR brand.