An Improved Online Experience

The need for our university website to be mobile-friendly is more important than ever. In 2020, about 37% of all website visitors came to the site from a phone. This percentage will only increase each year.

University Website: the Most Influential Tool During a Student’s College Search

Because our website is not mobile-friendly (also called responsive), future and current students have a difficult time accessing important content. While campus departments can update their content and make small design improvements, a truly mobile-friendly and accessible site can only be achieved by conducting a full redesign. This involves examining all content and changing the functionality and design so that the entire website is accessible and mobile-friendly – allowing every page to work on every device type.

A redesigned website can positively influence students to apply, enroll, and progress toward graduation. The redesigned website will also meet accessibility goals and legal requirements, and the content, design, and function will be aligned with the university’s goals.


Website redesigns typically happen every 3-5 years, with iterative changes in between. The homepage was redesigned about seven years ago, but little consideration was given to accessibility or responsiveness, and the redesign did not include pages beyond the homepage. Additionally, the UA System has given all institutions a directive to ensure that all content be ADA compliant as soon as possible.

This redesign will lay the foundation for future updates and our evolving strategy, standards, laws, and tools.

Moving Forward

This website will provide campus with ongoing information about the redesign, including updates to the project timeline and list of guidelines. We strongly encourage site owners to begin reviewing their web content now.

We appreciate your support and collaboration. This multi-phased project is extensive and complex and will span multiple years. Through ongoing communication, we will keep everyone informed of progress and updates. Additionally, if you have questions about the redesign, please reach out to us.