Trojan Athletics Logos and Marks

For all Trojan Athletics merchandise and marketing, “University of Arkansas at Little Rock” or “UA Little Rock” should NOT be used. Only our official university colors of maroon, silver, black, or white ink may be used.

See more information in the Trojan Athletics Brand Standards Guide.

Primary Athletics Logo

The athletics signature or primary logo combines the traditional Trojan head logo with the words “Little Rock Trojans” encompassing the identity held within the athletic programs. This mark should be used as the primary mark on uniforms, external merchandise, and as the default mark for the athletic department

The athletics signature is used as UA Little Rock’s primary official identifier among athletics programs and should be clearly and prominently displayed on all forms of visual communication.

The signature should not be altered in any way. Do not create alternative color variations of the logo, signature, or wordmark. Proper use of the athletic signature, logo, and wordmark is necessary to retain brand recognition. Contact us to receive the correct logo files for your needs.

Athletics Wordmark

Little Rock Trojans wordmarkThe athletics wordmark is intended for use as an alternative to the athletics primary mark and may be used as athletic program identifiers. This is a strong, identifiable brand that clearly states who we are.

The athletics wordmark should not be altered in any way.

Trojan Logo

The Trojan logo.

The Trojan logo is officially licensed and registered to UA Little Rock. The “Icon Marks” are more than just secondary logos. They are identifiable for the university and certain teams as standalone images; thus they are not truly considered “secondary.”

The Trojan head can be used as a pseudo-Primary mark for both Basketball teams due to the traditional and historic nature of that mark. The Trojan head should ALWAYS face to the right. When placing the logo on a background color other than white (silver, maroon, etc.), the area inside the Trojan logo should be changed to match the new background color.

Little Rock Hashtag


As part of the effort to tie the brand to the city of Little Rock, the use of the hashtag #LittleRocksTeam may be used in athletic communications. The words Little, Rocks, and Team should be capitalized when using the hashtag for any official University communications. The hashtag should not be displayed using a serif font.