Charles W. Donaldson Student Services Center

Web Design and Page Elements

The university web team sets the guidelines and standards for the university website. For consistency and branding, the style and theme are established and cannot be changed. This means that features like the fonts, colors, buttons and widget styles are standard across all sites. It’s important to follow the web guidelines so that visitors will have a seamless experience when going from one site to the next.

Design Elements

Featured Images

Each page on your site can have a featured image. This image is not clickable and can be displayed in three different widths. Use this guide to understand more about the featured image.


Using an accordion is a clean, effective way to display a large amount of text, such as an FAQ. To place an accordion on your site, put the following code on your page. In the following example, replace | with [  ]

|content-block title=”Content block title goes here in quotations”|

Type your text here.


|content-block title=”Second content block title goes here in quotations”|

Type your text here for the second block.



Approved Button Styles

Buttons styles should only be used when a visitor needs to take action, such as registering for an event. There are two styles that can be used. Switch to Text Mode when editing, and place one of the codes on your page. Put the destination URL in quotations after the equal sign.

<a class="button-solid-maroon" href="URL goes here">Button Text Goes Here</a>

Solid Maroon Button

<a class="button-outlined-maroon" href="URL goes here">Button Text Goes Here</a>

Outlined Maroon Button