Photography & Videography

The UA Little Rock Photography/Videography Service is here to help you with your visual needs.

Our skilled creative professionals produce the photographs, videos and galleries that you see on, in university publications, and around campus.

We specialize in producing images that reflect the needs of the communications professionals, educators, and administrators. Our award-winning staff uses the latest technologies and is available for location shoots or studio portraits.

Photography services include:

  • Conceptual studio and location photography
  • Portraiture, advertising and editorial photography
  • Event photography
  • Studio portraits

Our photographers are constantly in the field searching for new imagery for, UA Little Rock news, and our social media channels. They are always looking for events or opportunities that capture what is unique and fun about the Trojan student experience. If you are aware of an opportunity that might fit this need, please email Angela Parker.


How do I request a photography or video shoot?

All requests for new photography must go through our photo/video request form. You should provide as much detail as possible when you submit your request. If you are requesting an event, include a timeline and any important shots you would like to have. If you are requesting a portrait or a series of portraits, be sure to include the names of the people being photographed. Do you simply need a basic head shot? The more information we have about your photo shoot, the better we can help you achieve your goal. We strongly recommend reading through this FAQ before submitting your request.

Professional photo and video shoot sessions require sufficient time for good images, so please remind subjects that they should have ample time available to participate in the shoot. The time required for a shoot will be determined by the complexity of the subject matter. For example, a group of more than three people could require at least 30-45 minutes to properly pose and light the group. Headshots usually require 15 minutes to complete.

Do you charge for your services?

There is a minimal charge for our services to cover expenses. Before any shoot, you will be contacted to arrange for your FOAPAL to be charged the appropriate amount. Headshots are $25 each and you will receive a digital file; group shots are $50 per setup, and there is a $50 hourly rate for location photography shoots, and a $75 hourly rate for videography.

How long before a shoot do I need to submit a request form?

We suggest that you contact us about your project as soon as possible. For consideration of your request, we ask that you submit photo requests a minimum of 10 business days prior to the desired date.

Do you accept every request you receive?

The photographer/videographer will be assigned to projects based on availability and institutional priority. If the photographer/videographer is not available, we can provide a list of freelance photographers/videographers. Priority for photography/videography services will be given to student recruitment-oriented projects.

What happens after I submit my request?

The director of broadcast media and the senior photographer/videographer will take a look at your request and determine the best way to proceed. All questions, concerns, and information about your request should be directed to Angela Parker. We will collaborate with you to achieve the best result.

I am being photographed, and I am not sure what do. Any suggestions?

In order to get to get the best photograph possible. Here are some guidelines.

  1. The photo location should be free of anything you do not want to appear in the photograph.
  2. It is best to avoid highly reflective objects in the background such as glass, shiny wallpaper, screens, etc.
  3. Avoid setting-up the photo shoot in high traffic areas.
  4. The amount of participants in the photo will help determine the most suitable location.

Here are some guidelines for attire during a photographic or video shoot.

  1. Solids are best. If photographing more than one person, neutrals are better. Otherwise, the subject should wear the color that they look best in.
  2. Avoid white, unless it is worn as a garment under a jacket or sweater.
  3. Avoid large patterns, logos and writing, except for UA Little Rock gear, when it appropriate for a particular shoot. Never wear attire from other universities.
  4. Sleeves that are 3/4-length or full-length work best for both men and women. Avoid sleeveless and short sleeved garments.
  5. It is always safe to err slightly on the side of more formal than what the subject considers to his or her normal work attire. This will depend on the individual, of course, and the context in which they are being photographed.

When will I receive my media?

Upon completion of a shoot, the photographer/videographer will edit the files and present the client with the best images. Since all assignments need to be edited, finished files will not be available immediately after an assignment. We will do our best to accommodate your needs within a reasonable time frame, but please allow at least five business days for your finished files to be delivered. This time frame can expand during periods of peak demand.

We deliver all media through our digital archiving system, ResourceSpace. All images remain the property of the Office of Communications and will become a part of the university’s photo library.

What about the “photo credit”?

Any images used outside the university MUST be used with an appropriate credit: Photographer Name/UA Little Rock.

Any images used inside the university may be used with the credit: Photographer Name/Office of Communications. This is not a requirement.

Who owns the images from the shoot I requested?

All media is owned and copyrighted by the UA Little Rock.

Are there any restrictions on how I can use UA Little Rock images?

We ask that you not distribute any electronic files to parties outside of UA Little Rock. If you have any questions, please contact Angela Parker. Our photographs and videos should not be used in any manner that reflect negatively on the university.

I found a great photo or video on the website. Can I just grab it?

The best way to obtain a copy of our media is to contact Angela Parker. Screen grabs and right-clicks are not the proper way to obtain our media.

I would like to search your catalog of images. How should I proceed?

Hopefully you are working with one of our wonderful designers. They will assist you in selecting the best media for your project. If not, please contact Angela Parker. There is no charge for using media from our archive.

I need photographic images scanned. How should I proceed?

At this time, we do not scan photographs, negatives or positives (slides).