Judy Williams

Judy Williams

Associate Vice Chancellor of Communications and Marketing

Office: 501-569-3372
Cell: 501-551-9481

Angela Parker

Angela Parker

Director of Broadcast Media

Cell: 501-554-1527

Tracy Courage headshot.

Tracy Courage

News Director

Office: 501-683-7146
Cell: 501-658-2044

Angie Faller

Angie Faller

News and Content Writer

Office: 501-907-9320

Klansee Tozer

Klansee J. Tozer

Senior Graphic Designer

Office: 501-569-8635

Muriel Schrepfer headshot.

Muriel Schrepfer

Graphic Designer

Office: 501-569-8306


Meaghan Milliorn-Fikes

Meaghan Milliorn Fikes

Manager of Social Media and Web

Office: 501-569-8266

Ashi Franke

Ashi Franke

Web Designer


Toni Boyer Stewart

Toni Boyer Stewart

Web Marketer/Analyst

Office: 501-975-2339

Adam Spelbring

Adam Spelbring

Front-End Web Developer

Office: 501-975-1750

Whitney Walker headshot.

Whitney Walker

Communications Specialist

Office: 501-683-7397

Benjamin Krain