Graphic and Print Design Requests

Graphic Design, Advertising, Branding

We are happy to partner with you to create compelling and attractive design pieces that support the university’s brand. Our designers create everything from logos and postcards to viewbooks, billboards, and window clings. Our services are free to the campus community.

Our new on-demand design platform, Marq, allows departments to create their brochures, posters, flyers, graphics, and more from our branded templates. To get started with a Marq account for your department, use this form to submit a request. You can also request additional templates if needed.

If you choose to not use the university’s services, please email your design to us or complete the form below so that we can review it.

Please note: The Office of Communications and Marketing is the only department authorized to purchase or approve advertising on behalf of the university.

Submit a request for help with the following projects:

  • Designing an invitation, brochure, flier, program, or another print piece
  • Designing logos and wordmarks
  • Getting assistance in purchasing or designing ads
  • Branding questions
  • Proofreading or approving a communication project
  • Creating a new template in Marq
  • Requesting a Marq account


The Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities Management is responsible for permanent signage. The use of temporary signage on campus is discouraged. Departments or individuals planning events should provide directions for guests through invitations and other communication. If you believe your event warrants temporary signage, contact Facilities Management, at 501-916-3390, for approval.


To post posters or fliers on campus bulletin boards, get approval from the Office of Campus Life. Be sure to discard your print pieces after your event is over.