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Facilities Management

Vehicle Accidents

If the university vehicle you are driving is involved in an accident, please abide by the following procedures:

  • Contact 911 immediately to report the accident to the proper authorities and to file a police report.
  • Contact the university’s insurance provider with information on the card located in the vehicle’s glove compartment.
  • If the incident occurred during weekday hours, contact the Facilities Management Motor Pool Manager at 501.569.3390; otherwise, call the Department of Public Safety (DPS) at 501.569.3400. DPS will connect you to the appropriate personnel for further assistance and instructions.
  • If towing is required, emergency towing services are available through Voyager Fleet Card Services. These services require approval by either the Assistant Director of Building Operations or the Director of Facilities Management. Once approval has been attained, call the number located on the back of the provided Voyager Fleet card for customer service, and they will locate a service to assist you.
  • Upon returning to the University, complete a Motor Vehicle Accident Report, and submit it to the Facilities Management Motor Pool office.
Updated 3.20.2012