Vehicle Accidents

If the driver is involved in a vehicle accident, they are to do the following:

  • Contact 911 immediately to report the accident to the proper authorities and to file a police report.
  • The driver must report the accident within 24 hours of the occurrence or by the next working day. Accidents should be reported to the Facilities Management Operations and Services center as well as the driver’s department head and the Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration’s (VCFA) office. The driver can contact the Facilities Management Operations and Services center at 501-916-3390 and the VCFA’s office at 501-916-3202.
  • Upon returning to UA Little Rock after a vehicle accident, the driver is required to complete a Motor Vehicle Accident Report. The driver is to submit that report and the police report to the office of the VCFA located in suite 425 of the Student Services Center. A Motor Vehicle Accident Report should be located in the vehicle’s glove department/console or can be obtained from the VCFA’s website.

The VCFA’s office will report the incident to the university’s insurance carrier. If estimates and repairs need to be obtained, the VCFA’s office will coordinate this with Facilities Management. If a deductible is assessed by the insurance company, the VCFA’s office will backcharge the amount, up to $1000, to the driver’s department once settlement is reached with the insurance company.

No fault accidents are handled by the university’s insurance company and the at fault driver’s insurance company. However, the VCFA’s office still must report the accident to the university’s insurance company, meaning a Motor Vehicle Accident Report and a police report are still required.