Lease Policies

Driver Criteria for University Vehicles

First-time drivers of university vehicles need to complete a Driver’s Authorization Form. Please submit the form along with a copy of your driver’s license to Student Services Center (SSC) room 425. This form needs to be completed ten days prior to vehicle use and must be on file before you can leave the campus with a university vehicle.

Vehicle Credit Card Use

Vehicle credit cards are available for use with university fleet vehicles only. State Procurement policy states that cards cannot be used with any other vehicle(s). Violation of this policy will not be tolerated. A listing of service locations will be given to the rental customer upon vehicle checkout.

Annual Lease Charges

At the beginning of each new fiscal year, departments with university assigned leased vehicles will be backcharged an annual lease charge. Departments who own their vehicle(s) will not be back charged.

Motor Pool Charges

Motor Pool Charges are billed monthly. Departments who own their vehicle(s) and are not charged an annual lease charge are billed for all Motor Pool maintenance expenses (Gas/Oil/Parts and/or Misc. Maintenance Related Expenses). Departments that pay annual lease charge(s) are billed for gas only.

Occasionally, there may be instances when other charges may apply. Routine maintenance and repairs are monitored. In cases where maintenance expenses regularly exceed normal vehicle usage standards, and vehicle negligence and abuse is apparent, the department will be charged for all expenses related to repairing the vehicle.

For vehicle backcharging purposes, a current UA Little Rock FOAPAL# (F(Fund), O(Organization) A(Account), P (Program), A(Activity), L (Location)) must be on file for each assigned vehicle department. Invoices will be mailed electronically to the contact person authorized by the department to receive invoices. This information is reviewed annually for updates. Should this information change prior to the next fiscal year, please notify the Facilities Management Operations and Services Center as soon as possible by calling 501-916-3390.

Gas Credit Card Charges

Gas Credit Card expenses are backcharged monthly and/or upon receipt of billing statement. Because the card(s) are the sole responsibility of the department to which they are assigned, the department should use caution in whatever internal processes they develop to monitor the use of the card(s). Should card negligence or abuse be suspected, the card(s) could be cancelled.