Journal Celebrates 2013 Citations

Last year, The Journal of Appellate Practice and Process earned an impressive number of citations in journals, legal decisions, and popular blogs.

More than a third of last year’s 86 scholarly citations to The Journal appeared in publications associated with top-50 law schools, and  17 of those citations appeared in publications associated with 10 of the 15 law schools generally regarded as the very best in the country.

The Journal was cited 65 times in the lead law reviews of 44 different law schools. Among them were the lead law reviews at eight law schools ranked in the top 15 — Yale (two citations), Stanford (two citations), Columbia (two citations), UVA, Boalt Hall at Berkeley, Michigan, Georgetown, and Vanderbilt — and the online supplement to the lead law review at Penn, another top-15 school. Citations to The Journal also appeared in the lead law reviews at Washington & Lee, the University of Washington, Boston University, George Washington University, UNC at Chapel Hill, Ohio State, Fordham, the University of Utah, the University of Illinois, and Florida State, all of which are top-50 law schools.

Eighteen special-interest law reviews (including Political and Legal Anthropology Review, which is published by the American Anthropological Association) accounted for an additional 21 citations to The Journal. Four of the special-interest law reviews in which The Journal was cited last year are associated with top-15 law schools (two at Yale, in one of which The Journal was cited twice), one at NYU, and one at Georgetown), two are associated with top-50 law school Boston University, and one is associated with top-50 law school Ohio State.

Judicial Citations

The Journal was cited by three federal courts last year — the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, and the United States District Court for the District of South Dakota. It was cited twice by the Tennessee Supreme Court, once each by the Hawai’i Supreme Court, the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, and the Nebraska Supreme Court, and twice by the Tennessee Court of Appeals.

Legal News Citations

The Journal was also cited last year in an issue of the Delaware Lawyer, and an issue of the ABA Journal also included a citation to an article that appeared in The Journal.

Blog Citations

Finally, articles from The Journal were mentioned on several appellate blogs in 2013: Appeal and Habeas, Appellate News, At the Lectern, How Appealing, MaineAppeals, On Brief: Iowa’s Appellate Blog, and Southern California Appeals.

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