Get Involved

When you received your degree from the UALR William H. Bowen School of Law, you didn’t leave your Bowen family behind for the fast-paced world of law firms and courtrooms.

There are a number of ways to get involved in your alma mater, whether you graduated a year or a decade ago. As a Bowen graduate, you are automatically a member of the Bowen Law Alumni Association.  Become involved in the Law Alumni Association by volunteering in any of the ways listed below, depending on the time you have to commit.

Get Involved Opportunities

Alumni Dine Around Program- Students at the UALR William H. Bowen School of Law need strong examples of professionalism. Bowen alumni often serve as a great example of this core value in practice. Bowen alumni are paired with current students interested in specific areas of the law. The program offers alumni the chance to talk about their particular area of practice and meet students interested in that part of the law. Bowen graduates can host a lunch or dinner for four to five students, and details for the meal are coordinated by Bowen staff.

Professional Mentor Program-Mentoring is an easy way to be involved and give back to Bowen. This program matches current students with experienced Bowen graduates who will serve as role models and be available to advise students on a range of topics.  This is a great way to share your professional experience with students and is an easy way to stay connected with Bowen.  The time commitment is as little as one hour a month. Mentor meetings may be scheduled during lunch or over the phone. To volunteer as a Professional Mentor, please contact the Bowen Career Services Office.

Career Panelists- The Bowen Career Services Office organizes and hosts a number of career-related panels during the school year. These panels are designed to expose students to various career options in public service, private practice, corporate, public interest and from small towns to big cities.  To volunteer as a panelist for a career services program, contact the Bowen Career Services Office.

Mock Interviewer-Bowen students are in need of alumni who can help them prepare for their first legal interviewing experience. Typically held the first of each Spring semester, the Mock Interviewing Program simulates the on-campus interview experience.  The mock interviews last from 20-45 minutes including time for feedback to students, and can be held in-person or over the telephone.  To volunteer as a Mock Interviewer, contact the Bowen Career Services Office

Team Bowen– Team Bowen is a network of alumni who agree to serve as a resource for future and current students and fellow alumni who may have questions relating to a wide variety of areas.  By joining Team Bowen, you will help us enlarge the opportunities for our students and alumni to network with professionals. Topics may include the law school experience,  geographic areas of the country, career searches, and specific practice areas.  Join Team Bowen now!

Class Agent program- The Class Agent program is being developed to promote on-going class involvement among alumni and creates opportunities for peer to peer support of Bowen.  If you are interested in getting more involved in the Class Agent program, contact Assistant Dean of External Relations, Wanda Hoover.

Moot Court Board– Alumni-judges will study the appellate record for the competition and develop challenging questions for both sides on the issues raised in the appeal; after the arguments have concluded, they will offer their critiques and suggestions for improving the team’s performance. Volunteers should allow 2-3 hours for reading the record and developing questions; each practice lasts 1-2 hours. To volunteer as a practice round judge, contact Professor Coleen Barger.

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