Professionalism and The Work of Lawyers

Michael Salorio has his own solo practice in southern California.“Professionalism and the Work of Lawyers” is a one-credit, elective course for entering students (ILs) that is designed to develop students’ skills in a range of areas relating to the day-to-day practice of law, including professionalism, professional reflection, interpersonal communication, client interviewing, finding and succeeding in legal jobs, teamwork, leadership, cross-cultural lawyering, mentoring from the mentee’s perspective, and public service.  Practicing lawyers have identified these skill sets as critical to law practice in Arkansas and throughout the United States.

The course is integrated with the structured study groups and practitioner career mentoring program that are part of the first-year curriculum.  The course also includes two one-hour seminar classes in the fall semester, and six seminar classes in the spring semester, in lieu of study group meetings.  Students in the course will write and submit reflective journals every other week on topics related to the practice of law.  Students also must complete five hours of pro bono service.

The course is graded on a pass/fail basis, but one or more top-performing students will be awarded top paper(s).  Upon successful completion of the course requirements, students will receive one hour of ungraded, elective credit that will count towards their degree.

Registration Procedures

Entering students (1Ls) will be sent a registration form via email prior to First Week. A student must return the form to her or his Dean’s Fellow (or the Office of Student Affairs) by Thursday, August 14, 2014. The course does take place over the entire academic year (fall and spring), but it will not appear on a student’s tuition and fee bill until the spring semester. The course is restricted to students in the entering class.

NOTE: Students registered for the course will have until the last class day of the fall semester to drop the course without paying a tuition charge.