Bowen’s full-time faculty members include Fulbright Scholars, an appointee to the International Criminal Court, authors and editors of treatises and textbooks, innovators in experience-based education, and subject matter experts in federal and state legal topics. One Dean Emeritus and one previous Associate Dean have returned to the classroom, furthering their commitment to Bowen’s students. By and large, all full-time faculty members have prior experience in the practice of law, and they bring that experience to the classroom.

These faculty members teach virtually all required courses and bar courses in both the day and evening divisions.

When they are not in the classroom, professors research, write, and publish in their chosen fields of interest; serve as speakers are legal conferences; and work to educate the public about legal issues. All of these activities help further establish them as authorities in their fields and enrich our students’ learning opportunities. In addition, they are aware of additional opportunities for our students to gain experience and recognition (e.g., international study programs and fellowships).

Our adjunct faculty is comprised of mostly Bowen alumni who are practicing attorneys in the Little Rock area. They teach legal skills courses and upper level courses in their areas of practice. These faculty members bring their real-world expertise to Bowen, giving our students the benefit of their knowledge and their passion for the law. Their presence here also gives students unique networking opportunities within the community.

All of our faculty, both full-time and adjunct, are known for their public and professional service. They volunteer on bar associations, address social justice issues, take on pro bono cases for the wrongfully accused, and improve access to justice. Their committee work includes improving teaching methods, addressing international legal issues, and furthering the cause of justice at all levels of society.