Faculty Members

Full-Time Law Faculty

Bowen’s full-time faculty members include Fulbright Scholars, an appointee to the International Criminal Court, authors and editors of treatises and textbooks, innovators in experience-based education, and subject matter experts in federal and state legal topics. One Dean Emeritus and one previous Associate Dean have returned to the classroom, furthering their commitment to Bowen’s students. By and large, all full-time faculty members have prior experience in the practice of law, and they bring that experience to the classroom.

These faculty members teach virtually all required courses and bar courses in both the day and evening divisions.

When they are not in the classroom, professors research, write, and publish in their chosen fields of interest; serve as speakers are legal conferences; and work to educate the public about legal issues. All of these activities help further establish them as authorities in their fields and enrich our students’ learning opportunities. In addition, they are aware of additional opportunities for our students to gain experience and recognition (e.g., international study programs and fellowships).


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Sarah Adams-Schoen
Jada Aitchison
Peter Alexander
Theresa M. Beiner
Anastasia M. Boles
Jessie Wallace Burchfield
Terrence Cain
Johanna Dennis
John DiPippa
J. Lyn Entrikin
Kathryn C. Fitzhugh
Michael T. Flannery
Lynn Foster
Kenneth S. Gallant
Lindsey P. Gustafson
Sarah Howard Jenkins
Nicholas Kahn-Fogel
Beth Levi
George Mader
Nancy Bellhouse May
Alicia D. Mitchell
Sherrie Norwood
Philip D. Oliver
Ranko Shiraki Oliver
Kelly Browe Olson
Suzanne Penn
Amy Pritchard
Melissa Serfass
Joshua M. Silverstein
Robert Steinbuch
J. Thomas Sullivan
Kelly S. Terry
Christopher Trudeau
Kim Vu-Dinh
Jeff B. Woodmansee