Concurrent Degree Programs

Five concurrent degree options are available to our law students. Each of them allow students to complete two degrees in less time than if they were earned separately. The programs are:

  • Juris Doctor/Doctor of Pharmacy
  • Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration
  • Juris Doctor/Master of Public Administration
  • Juris Doctor/Master of Public Health
  • Juris Doctor/Master of Public Service

All programs require admission to the UALR Bowen School of Law as well as the other institution. The decision to seek a concurrent degree need not be made before entering law school, but must be made before completing one of the courses of study. The sooner you embark on a concurrent program, the better your opportunity to take advantage of single courses that count toward both programs.

For more information abut any of the concurrent degree programs, contact Dean Erik Malmberg.