Student Bar Association officers were sworn in during an April meeting.

Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association creates opportunities for students to come together in academic, service-oriented, and social settings; represents student interests to the administration and faculty; apprises students of recent issues and developments concerning our school; and provides financial support to student organizations.

Student Bar Association Constitution

2014-2014 Officers

  • President -¬†Logan Parke
  • Full-Time Vice President -¬†Michael Hylden
  • Part-Time Vice President – LaChrisha Gray
  • Treasurer -¬†Meagan Davis
  • Secretary -¬†Alan Jones
  • 3L Full-Time Senator (Position 1) -¬†Heather Sampah
  • 3L Full-Time Senator (Position 2) -¬†Jason B. Cosper
  • 3L Part-Time Senator (Position 1) -¬†OPEN
  • 3L Part-Time Senator (Position 2) – OPEN
  • 2L Full-Time Senator (Position 1) -¬†Evan Pence
  • 2L Full-Time Senator (Position 2) -¬†Landon Sanders
  • 2L Part-Time Senator (Position 1) -¬†Jason Smedley
  • 2L Part-Time Senator (Position 2) -Chris Davis
  • 1L Full-Time Senator (Position 1) -¬†OPEN
  • 1L Full-Time Senator (Position 2) -¬†OPEN
  • 1L Part-Time Senator (Position 1) – OPEN
  • 1L Part-Time Senator (Position 2) -¬†OPEN
  • 3L Full-Time Honor Justice -¬†Furonda Brasfield
  • 3L Part-Time Honor Justice -¬†OPEN
  • 2L Full-Time Honor Justice -¬†Adam Franks
  • 2L Part-Time Honor Justice -¬†Ronnie Pender
  • 1L Full-Time Honor Justice -¬†OPEN
  • 1L Part-Time Honor Justice -¬†OPEN
  • Full Time Honor Investigator -¬†Walter Kroptavich
  • Part-Time Honor Investigator -¬†Nicole Winters
  • Arkansas Bar Association Representative – Nic Williams
  • American Bar Association Representative -¬†Austin Harrison
  • Parliamentarian- OPEN
  • Member-at-Large (Position 1)- OPEN
  • Member-at-Large (Position 2)- OPEN