Master of Science/PhD in Bioinformatics

The UALR/UAMS Joint Graduate Program in Bioinformatics consists of both a Master of Science and a Doctor of Philosophy degree.

While the graduate program strongly emphasizes research throughout the entire program, the MS degree program is primarily course oriented.

Program requirements

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Admission to the Joint Graduate Program in Bioinformatics requires an undergraduate degree and/or strengths in Information or Computer Science, Statistics or Mathematics, and/or Life or Basic Sciences.

Students are also required to have a basic background at the undergraduate level in information science, statistics and biology, though conditional admission may be made for students who are able to complete all these remedial requirements during their first year. Basic background requirements include

  • Information Science: a junior-level database course (such as UALR’s IFSC 3320 Database Concepts) and some programming experience UALR’s (IFSC 2300 Object-Oriented Technology is recommended; this course teaches Java programming)
  • Statistics: a junior-level, calculus-based statistics course (such as UALR’s STAT 3352 Applied Statistics I which has one semester of calculus as a prerequisite)
  • Biology: a junior-level genetics course (such as UALR’s BIOL 3300 Genetics; it is recommended that students have some exposure to organic/biochemistry and molecular biology before taking BIOL 3300)

Full-time students who require no remedial coursework (such as those who have completed the Undergraduate Minor in Bioinformatics) should be able to complete the MS in Bioinformatics within two years. Students needing remedial coursework will probably require longer.

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