PhD emphasis – Applied Biosciences

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PhD emphasis – Applied Biosciences

UA Little Rock Applied Biosciences is an interdisciplinary research and academic emphasis offering advanced degrees through the Department of Applied Science. The emphasis incorporates faculty teaching and research programs from the UA Little Rock Departments of Biology and Chemistry. The emphasis is coordinated with the developing biotechnology industry within the state of Arkansas and is aligned with related programs in the University of Arkansas system.

The Applied Biosciences Working Group is a group of faculty that acts in an oversight role for the Applied Biosciences emphasis, helping to develop policy governing the program and working to improve the program to the benefit of both faculty and students. The working group is responsible for recommending student admissions and candidates for Graduate Assistantships, overseeing student progress, moderating conflicts between advisors and students when requested, and administering other general University and Departmental policies regarding graduate student activities.

Recognizing that science is a cooperative enterprise, the Applied Biosciences working group strives to create a sense of community, cooperation, and caring among students and between students, faculty, and staff. This is facilitated through participation in seminars, colloquia, and special social functions. It is to your advantage to participate fully in all of these activities.

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