Master of Science in Applied Science

The Master of Science in Applied Science is an interdisciplinary program designed to advance a student’s knowledge beyond the baccalaureate degree and to teach the student how to approach a research project. The degree is designed for students with a wide variety of research and/or curricular interests in science and engineering. Students may either pursue a generic applied science master’s degree or, with sufficient specialized course work, may earn a master’s degree in applied physics.

Students interested in the generic applied science master’s degree can focus on geology or interdisciplinary science topics. Please contact Geology Program faculty about possible research opportunities in geology.

Our students learn to conduct and interpret scientific research and to successfully communicate scientific information.

Thesis or Non-thesis Option

Students who pursue this master’s degree have two options: The thesis option includes a proposal defense and a thesis defense and provides the student with an opportunity to carry out thesis-based research. The non-thesis option includes a comprehensive exam and a project.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact the program administrator:

Dr. Tansel Karabacak
ETAS Room 300