About the Program

The Applied Science Graduate Program is an interdisciplinary program that supports applied research in a broad set of areas. It offers two graduate degrees, the Doctor of Philosophy and the Master of Science.

Research areas and educational opportunities supported by the program faculty include:

  • Alternative Energy          
  • Applied Mathematics & Statistics     
  • Astronomy & Astrophysics       
  • Biomedical Engineering        
  • Biotechnology & Plant Genetic Engineering
  • Environmental Research
  • Geophysics
  • Material Science & Nanotechnology

The faculty are united in their pursuit of quality graduate research and education, which provides students with a very different experience from their undergraduate careers. Graduate education provides an opportunity for students to increase their knowledge, to broaden their understanding, and to develop their capabilities to define a novel problem and solve it.

The faculty serve as counselors and assistants to develop each graduate student’s ambition and dedication to achieve a worthwhile accomplishment. Students are expected to define goals and to organize and execute a program of study and research needed to meet those goals. Graduates of the program reflect their commitment to the discipline and to scholarly standards.