Biology student holding specimens in jars.

Bachelor of Science in Biology

A biology degree from UA Little Rock can prepare you for a variety of career areas, such as research, healthcare, education, environmental management, business, and more. Our biology students benefit from extensive laboratory work and hands-on experiences with modern laboratory and field equipment. In addition, we offer three biology minors.

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in biology can choose from five different concentrations:

Biology Concentrations

General Biology

The general biology concentration gives students a broad overview of biology and provides enough upper-level courses to build depth in knowledge and skills. Students can tailor their programs to specific needs.

Clinical Biology

The clinical biology concentration prepares students to enter the fields of health care and medical services or explore other life science related programs, such as medical or graduate schools, employment in government agencies, non-profit organizations, and more.

Environmental and Organismal Biology

The environmental and organismal biology concentration prepares students interested in ecology, conservation, and organismal biology for entry into graduate school, employment in government agencies, non-profit organizations, and more.

Molecular Biotechnology

The molecular biotechnology concentration prepares students for technical occupations in basic and applied molecular biotechnology research and positions with federal and state government agencies and private or commercial enterprises.

Secondary Education/Teacher Licensure

The secondary/teacher licensure concentration prepares students for teacher licensure in secondary education. You will major in biology and minor in education. For more information, please read about the Education Minor.

Admission Requirements

Students who select biology as their major must have completed at least 15 credit hours at UA Little Rock, have a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or greater on all course work at UA Little Rock, and have taken BIOL 1400 or BIOL 1401 (or equivalent) with a grade of C or greater.

Students who entered UA Little Rock conditionally by contract must complete the contract before being eligible for admission to the biology program. Decisions regarding course equivalency and situations in which students have tested out of courses or transferred credit from other programs will be made by the department chairperson.

Transfer students with 30 hours or more in transfer credit may be accepted into the biology degree program with fewer than 15 hours at UA Little Rock with the approval of the department chairperson. View the guide to applying for admission at UA Little Rock.

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