Interested in a health career?

Students who want to become medical doctors (MD and DO), veterinarians, dentists, optometrists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and podiatrists can choose any undergraduate major. Here is some information to help you as you research your graduate school options.

If you are a degree-seeking student at UA Little Rock

“Pre-health” is not a major so you will need to choose a major to be connected with an academic advisor. We have some preliminary information to help you choose a major that will meet your needs.

If you are a non-degree seeking student at UA Little Rock (i.e. just taking a few classes)

You do not need to be advised. You can contact Erin Flowers for assistance in registering for the classes you have chosen.

If you want to transfer to UAMS to complete a bachelor's degree at UAMS

If you are transferring to UAMS to become a radiology technician, respiratory therapist, dental hygienist, etc.: you will be advised by Frances Frazier in the College of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, and Education.