Program Requirements

Donaghey Scholars must complete the following:

  • Program core curriculum (35 credit hours)
  • Study Abroad (summer, semester, or year)
  • Study a foreign language at least until the Oral Proficiency Exam administered by the Foreign Language Department can be passed at the intermediate-mid level or higher
  • Seminar or special topics course in a field outside of the Scholar’s major
  • Community service and shadowing projects
  • Fulfillment of the university’s requirement in mathematics
  • Course in American History or American National Government
  • Laboratory Science course
  • Final project
  • Exit interview

Donaghey Scholars also declare a major and minor field and must fulfill the university department’s requirements for those degree plans. Because of the demanding academic work required for the Program, it is recommended that Scholars limit outside employment to 15 hours per week.