Study Abroad

download-2 IMG_4612 Noah in JerusalemDonaghey Scholars are required to study a foreign language at least until they are able to pass an oral proficiency exam administered by the UA Little Rock Foreign Language faculty. This emphasis on language is enhanced by immersion through Study Abroad. The Program will subsidize the majority of costs for Study Abroad.

The benefits of total immersion study in another culture include the following:

  • Students gain an increased understanding of other cultures and global perspectives
  • Interpersonal and communication skills are sharpened
  • Students develop an enhanced sense of independence and self-confidence
  • Competency in a foreign language is increased and reinforced through daily usage and necessity

IMG_1165 20150328_132042 (1) Park Guell

Donaghey Scholars are expected to have a foreign study experience either through a program administered by UA Little Rock or through another academic program approved by UA Little Rock.

The Program has established courses of study in France and Spain, but many Scholars go further afield. Destinations have included Germany, Nicaragua, Morocco, Taiwan, South Africa, Thailand, Rwanda, and China. Many students pursue summer programs, but others stay for a semester or even a year.