Policies Related to Core Courses

Course Schedules and Related Funding

Scholars must take two Donaghey courses a semester until they complete the Donaghey core. Scholars must get approval for any exceptions to this policy. (Because it is a pass/fail one-credit course, Colloquium does not count as a course.) These exceptions will only be granted in cases where there is a conflict with a required course for the major. If a Scholar does not take the necessary two courses, they will be considered not making adequate progress toward completion of the program requirements, which may affect their funding.

Scholars who are requesting an exemption from a Scholar’s course must do so before the start of the relevant semester. The request must contain the approvals from previous semesters for not completing two Donaghey courses, an explanation as to the reason they cannot take the course in the final semester, and a possible course or courses to be used as a substitute.

Scholars must consult with the Director before dropping a course. There can be a variety of good reasons for dropping a course, but it is important to look at all the options and consider the ramifications. The Program cannot pay for courses that are retaken.

Scholars must receive permission from the Director in order to sign up for more than 18 credit hours of courses. This permission will only be given if the Scholar has a strong academic record and will never be given for the first semester. Because of our funding structure, we can only pay for 18 hours a semester, so anything over that will have to be paid by the Scholar.

Funding is for eight semesters. In specific instances of majors with particularly extensive requirements that cannot always be completed in four years—engineering, early childhood education, etc—an additional semester may be added. The program cannot add a semester for the completion of a second major or instances where the student declared the major late in their academic career. To that end, when students declare a second major, they must draw up a course plan for the remaining semesters that includes the coursework for their majors and their remaining Donaghey coursework. We understand that there will always be unexpected scheduling conflicts and the like, but this will highlight potential problems early on.

See Forms to make these requests.