Teachers – Approval to Offer Concurrent Enrollment

The UA Little Rock Concurrent Enrollment Program does not require the teachers to apply for the position. The high school administration or high school CE Coordinator expresses the initial interest for a teacher’s approval.

Steps for Teachers’ Approval and Appointment

High schools express interest in offering concurrent enrollment and send qualifying documents for the teachers they would like to teach the courses to the university’s CE Coordinator.

  • Qualifying documents include:
    • A current résumé
    • Graduate transcripts
    • Syllabus for desired course that reflects University learning outcomes and rigor
  • After reviewing the documents to ensure the teacher meets CE qualifications, the CE Coordinator sends them to the University department chairperson.
  • The department chairperson reviews the documents to make sure it aligns with University guidelines.
  • Department chairs send the University CE Coordinator their final approval/disapproval with rationale via email.
  • The University CE Coordinator communicates the decision to the high school coordinator.
  • The high school coordinator communicates the decision to the teacher.

Once teachers are approved, they are sent a “guest faculty form” to complete and return to their high school CE Coordinator. Although the faculty member is not hired through the standard hiring process, he/she is still treated as an extension of UA Little Rock’s adjunct faculty.

The CE faculty member’s role is to provide quality instruction on a collegiate level to the students he/she serves. As a representative of UA Little Rock faculty, the CE faculty should present materials of the same expectations of UA Little Rock academic divisions.

Please view the list of responsibilities and guidelines for high school teachers.