UA Little Rock Department Chair/Liaison Expectations

The role of the UA Little Rock Department Chair/Liaison for Concurrent Enrollment is to provide quality collegial support and guidance to the CE partnering high school faculty.

In this role, the Chair/Liaison will approve teachers, review syllabi, maintain correspondence with high school faculty, participate/facilitate orientation and professional development, and make an annual visit to CE high school faculty members.

Approval/Denial of High School CE Faculty

As the University academic unit head, it is the responsibility of the department chair to review the credentials of potential CE teachers in his/her discipline. After reviewing the credentials, the department chair must complete, sign, and return the Concurrent Enrollment Faculty Approval Form.

Professional Development Facilitation

Each University Department Chair/Liaison must facilitate discipline-specific professional development for High School CE faculty members teaching in for their department. This professional development occurs as follows:

  • New teacher discipline specific orientation
  • The annual summer professional development forum
  • Face-to-face professional development- primarily for teachers unable to attend summer PD
  • On-going support via email, online forums, phone conversations, or face-to-face interaction
  • Annual onsite evaluation visits

If the High School CE faculty member teacher misses professional development, the University liaison must make the CE Coordinator aware and follow the protocol of non-compliance as stated in the faculty guidelines “non-compliance” section.

UA Little Rock Departmental Liaison Site Visit

Each UA Little Rock Departmental Liaison must make one on-site visit to each High School CE faculty member teaching a CE course in his/her department.

For the site visit the UA Little Rock Departmental Liaison:

Prior to Site visit:

  • Review course syllabus
  • Review the Concurrent Enrollment Faculty Guidelines
  • Schedule the site visit with the High School CE faculty member

During Site visit:

  • Complete the site visits prior to spring break for UA Little Rock
  • Be an observer
  • Discuss findings with teacher
    • If teacher is found in non-compliance, inform UA Little Rock CE Coordinator, and discuss a plan of action to bring the teacher into compliance .
    • If the teacher is in compliance, no action is necessary

As a representative of their department, the Chair/Liaison for Concurrent Enrollment will complete and submit the online evaluation form at the time of visit. Evaluation form results are directly communicated to the University CE office.

During the visit, the Chair/Liaison for Concurrent Enrollment will verify that CE High School Faculty adhere to the following Concurrent Enrollment HS Faculty Guidelines:

Professional Development

  • New faculty must attend the New Faculty Orientation prior to teaching the CE courses. New Faculty and Liaisons must complete the New Faculty Orientation Verification Form and submit it prior to the beginning of the course.
  • Attend ONE UA Little Rock CE Program and/or departmental Professional Development event per year.
  • Correspond with UA Little Rock departmental CE Program liaison for Professional Development events and onsite observations.

Course Delivery

  • Make forms, syllabus, and all necessary class materials easily accessible for students.
  • Submit UA Little Rock comparable course syllabi to University Department Chairperson/Liaison and copy the UA Little Rock Concurrent Enrollment Coordinator by the 1st day of the semester (if year long courses only submit in the fall).
  • Set academically rigorous expectations for students
  • Provide accommodations to the exceptional population

Course Grading

  • Use grading scale as prescribed by the University Faculty Liaison
    • Submit grades by specified dates through BOSS account by prescribed dates.

Classroom Observations:

  • CE teachers will be observed and evaluated by University department chairs/liaisons once per year.
  • CE high school courses and teachers will be evaluated, and information will be communicated to teachers and administrators.


  • If teachers are found in noncompliance to these guidelines, the following disciplinary measures will be taken:
    • First offense: Teacher and CE coordinators will be notified.
      • If after notification, the teacher if still under non-compliance
    • Second offense: Formal written notification is sent to the High School principal/building level supervisor.
      • If after notifying administration the teacher is still found in noncompliance,
    • Last offense: The teacher will not be reappointed as CE faculty.

This Department Chair/Liaison Expectations Checklist can be used throughout the year to track Concurrent Enrollment High School faculty member for your department.