For Current Concurrent Students

UA Little Rock is proud that you have chosen to take part in the Concurrent Enrollment Program. We wish you all the best in the first steps toward higher education.

BOSS Login Information for Concurrent High School Students

  1. Go to your BOSS account.
  2. Click on Secure Login
  3. Put in your T# – include the T – For Example: T12345678
  4. The “temporary” PIN will be assigned upon admission into the CE program. Students with new PINs will be prompted after the initial log-in to reset the PIN. Remember to write it down somewhere safe, and to share it with your parents/legal guardian.
  5. If that does not work, put in the T#, leave PIN blank, and click FORGOT PIN?
  6. You will be directed to a screen that will ask you for Date-of-Birth, Last 4 digits of your (the student’s) social security number, and the answer to a security question that the parent or student set up during application.
  7. The next screen will ask you to reset the 6-digit pin number.
  8. Log back in and select Student Services > Student Accounts.

Once you have access to BOSS, you can access transcripts, your student account, and grades. Your BOSS account is a one stop shop for access to your account. For assistance, please visit IT Services.

Your Role

The Concurrent Enrollment student’s role is to study, learn, and appreciate the beginning of the adventure into college life. The primary concern of the student should be to utilize the CE program and the courses offered to its full potential. This can and will allow students a more successful and focused acclimation into on-campus or virtual college life.

Student Responsibilities

  • Review and understand expectations in the student guide.
  • Review, understand, and follow the course syllabus.
  • Know important dates!
  • Check your BOSS account periodically.
  • Keep accurate records to ensure accuracy of transcript
  • Review future plans for credit transferability
  • Study!