B.A. in Psychology

Requirements for a B.A. in Psychology


Psychology Major Requirements (print version)

Courses Regularly Offered

Curricular Changes

Effective Fall 2019

  • Students will be required to take only Statistics and Methods 1 and Research Methods 1.
  • Statistics and Methods 2 will no longer be a requirement. Note: Degree plans in BOSS may not reflect this change.
  • Statistics and Methods 1 will go from a 3-credit course to a 4-credit course. It will now be PSYC 3435
  • Senior Synthesis (PSYC 4100) is transformed into Capstone (PSYC 4392). It will go from a 1 credit course to a 3-credit course.
  • Effective Fall 2020, (PSYC 3431) Research Methods will be a prerequisite for the course.
  • Some students may be required to take 1 more upper level course in Psychology to reach the required 34 hours.
  • If PSYC 2340 or PSYC 3335 is taken after Fall 2019, it will not be accepted towards your Psychology degree.
  • PSYC 3435: Students must pass both the lab and the course in order to receive credit for PSYC 3435. If either is failed, then both will need to be repeated.
  • PSYC 3335: This course is only for non-Psychology majors. It does not fulfill the requirements for the major or the minor.
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Core Curriculum for Psychology

Catalog Years Before Fall 2017

Core Requirements (35 hours) – If your Catalog year is SPRING 2015 – SPRING 2017

Psychology Degree Requirements – If your Catalog year is PRIOR TO FALL 2017