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Department of Psychological Science Links and Resources


Academic Calendar – The official academic calendar from the Office of Records and Registration.

Selecting a Minor – Students are encouraged to investigate requirements for different minors.

Sona Research Experience – Click here for more information about how to access Sona Systems.

Changes to foreign language requirement – These changes impact only students whose catalog year is 2024-2025 and onward.

Main and Online Campus

Online Campus and Online Classes – Not sure whether you are part of the Main Campus with access to online courses or part of the Online Campus? Click the link for clarification.


Declare Psychology Major – Submit this form to change your major to Psychology.

Declare a Minor – Only Psychology majors can use this form to declare or change their minor.

Psychology eLearning  Transfer Request – You can only transfer to/from the online/eLearning campus once per year.


Course Prerequisites – Find out which classes require a prerequisite.

Course Sections Explained

Courses Regularly Offered – See courses offered regularly each academic year.

Internship Information

What is Capstone? – Find out more about the final course in the psychology major.

Enrolling in Capstone – Trying to enroll in Capstone but receiving an error?

Advising and Registration


Who is my advisor?

Advising versus Mentoring – Appointments for academic advising are different from career mentoring appointments.

Degree Plan – Use your degree plan to figure out what classes to take and when to take them. NEW: degree plans have changed their look. Click this link to find out more.

My degree plan is showing an error message

Class Search – Use the class search tool to plan your schedule.

Did my eForm go through?

Canceling an Appointment to be Advised – A guide on how to cancel/reschedule an advising appointment.

Regular Advising

Flow of Regular Advising – A guide for the advising process during the official advising period.

When is the advising form due?

Scheduling an Appointment during Regular Advising

Late Advising

Flow of Late Advising – A guide for the advising process after the official advising period has passed.


“Easy Breezy” Class Registration – Learn about registering for courses using CRNs.

Registration Errors – Click on the grey “Troubleshooting Common BOSS Registration Errors” tab.

Register for Waitlist – If a class is full, you can still get on the waitlist. Click on the grey “Waitlisting a Course” tab for more information.

Add/Drop/Withdrawal Information – Need help adding, dropping, or withdrawing from a class? How to drop a course at different times in the semester?

All About Graduation

Apply to Graduate – Students should apply to graduate as soon as they register for their last semester of classes!

Do I have enough hours to graduate? – What is the difference between fulfilling all program requirements and having enough hours to graduate?

Graduation and/or Participation in Commencement – What is the difference between graduating and walking in graduation?

Frequently Used Links

University email – Students should use their email address for all campus communication.

Resetting Your BOSS Pin

FERPA Waiver – Parents must submit this form to receive information about their child’s academic progress.

Becoming a Trojan: Quick Guide for Incoming Students