Apply to Graduate

Welcome prospective graduates! We are excited that you’ve reached this point in your collegiate career. You’ve come a long way and applying for graduation is one of the final steps before your graduation check-out can begin. We encourage you to work closely with your advisor to ensure that all of your degree requirements have been met. Please follow the below instructions to complete your online graduation application.

Login to your BOSS Account

Select the “Student Services” tab
Click on the “Student Request Menu”
Click on “Apply for Graduation” and complete the required information.

These simple steps will initiate the on-line processing of your graduation application.

Curious about how your graduation application is progressing? Please remember you can track your graduation application online through your BOSS Account.

Select the “Student Services” tab
Click on the “Student Request Menu”
Click on “View your Online Requests”

When the general information displays, click on “Graduation Application” (far left corner) and your detailed information will display.

Summer Graduates

UA Little Rock has a spring commencement ceremony and a fall commencement ceremony. The spring commencement ceremonies are typically held in May, while the fall ceremonies usually take place in December. There is no commencement ceremony held during the summer term. If you are within 9 credit hours of completing a degree and are scheduled to complete those hours during the summer then you have the option to participate in either the spring or fall commencement ceremony.

We welcome you to either of the ceremonies. If you choose to walk in the spring ceremony then you will have a special note in the program stating that you will graduate in the summer. If you walk in the fall ceremony you will be listed as having graduated since you would have already completed your degree requirements.

Please remember that summer graduates must complete their graduation application by the spring application deadline to be included in the spring commencement program. Graduation application deadlines are listed in the academic calendar and are adhered to in order to comply with printing deadlines. Congratulations prospective graduates!