Graduation and/or Participation in Commencement

Commencement is the ceremony in which students participate. Students’ names are read and they walk across the stage.

However, students do not receive the diploma that day. It takes 6-8 weeks after grades are submitted to receive the actual physical diploma. 

The diploma is mailed to the student’s address (the one on file) much later because every grade has to be verified. When a student applies, grades are still outstanding. If a student does not pass a course they need, then they are not eligible for the diploma.

In order to graduate, students must:

  1. Submit the Graduation Application on BOSS for approval. 
  2. Receive passing grades in the required courses listed in the Degree Plan of their major. 

Note: Students do not have to participate in the graduation ceremony.  

A student must apply for graduation. If the application for graduation is approved and the student passes their final courses, then they will receive their diploma even if they do not walk at the Commencement ceremony.

Participation in the Commencement Ceremony:

  1. Students who applied to graduation and were enrolled in their remaining courses will have their name in the program. They can then participate in the ceremony.


  1. Students who are within 6 hours of graduation, may apply for graduation. However, that does not mean they are graduating. It means:
    1. That the student can PARTICIPATE  (also known as WALKING) in the ceremony. Students sometimes choose to do this in order to attend the ceremony that is more convenient to them.
    2. The student will need to apply again for graduation in the semester in which they complete their course work (that means getting advised and enrolling for these classes.)
    3. The second time, after they complete the course work, their name will appear again in the program.