Online Psychology Degree

UA Little Rock offers a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology completely online. The requirements for the online degree are the same as the ones for the on-campus degree. The online degree is offered through UA Little Rock Online.

Explore the Online Psychology Degree

Going Online

Before you decide to enroll or transfer to the Online Campus, please be aware that all your degree work will need to be completed through the Online Campus. This means that your minor (or second major) must also be on the list of approved Online Campus programs and that the foreign language requirements must also be available through the Online Campus.

If you are interested in transferring to the Online Campus, please complete and submit the transfer to the Online/eLearning Campus form. Your degree plan will be evaluated and the program coordinator will email you a summary of the work yet to be completed.

After you sign and return the summary, the program coordinator will transfer you to the Online Campus. Once that has been done, you will need to re-declare your major in Psychology, which can be completed online.

This process takes time, so please allow for that when you schedule advising sessions etc.

What is the difference between a “9U” section and other online sections? How do I register for a 9U section?

A “9U” section is an online course reserved exclusively for students declared in a UA Little Rock Online program. There is no other difference between 9U sections and other online course sections in terms of the content or delivery. In fact, once classes begin, 9U sections are typically combined with other online sections. Students may register for 9U sections once they’ve been declared in a UA Little Rock Online program by their advisor.