What is Capstone?

Capstone is the final course in Psychology – it “caps” the major. Students pursuing their B.A. in Psychology will take this course during their last semester. If there are a few classes left (usually free electives), then Capstone may be taken in the Spring and graduation may occur in summer.

Overarching goals of this course are to help the student:

  • Reflect on and evaluate the knowledge and skills acquired while in the psychology major.
  • Apply all that has been learned while a psychology major to the work done in Capstone.
  • Prepare for what comes next: life after graduation.

To that end, course assignments will include a review of previous learning, and present an opportunity to highlight some of the skills learned in the major. Specifically, students will write a literature review of assigned literature. This includes finding original articles, reading, analyzing, and presenting them in an APA-style document that adheres to APA style and conventions. This literature review will then be translated into a PowerPoint presentation which will integrate a voice-over. The third set of assignments focuses on the future and includes identifying your why, creating a resume, and developing an elevator speech.

All these assignments are then integrated into an online portfolio – an ePortfolio created in Wix that spotlights the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired while in the psychology major, and new knowledge and skills you acquired during this course.