Non-Traditional Student Programs

non traditional student  photo

Welcome to UALR! We serve a different kind of student –the non-traditional student – about half of our students are balancing families, careers, community and school. The Non-Traditional Student Programs is designed to help you be successful in obtaining your educational goals. We help you navigate the university and provide you with information about resources, services and opportunities that UALR offers.  Read more

Who, exactly, is a non-traditional student? If only ONE of these characteristics applies to you, then you are considered a non-traditional student by UALR:

  • You delayed enrollment after high school
  • You attend school part time
  • You work full time (25+ hours)
  • You are financially independent
  • You have dependents other than a spouse
  • You are a single parent
  • You have or still are serving in the military
  • You are a first generation student