UA Little Rock Care Team

Our Mission

The Care Team exists to assist current UA Little Rock students with situations that can potentially disrupt a student’s academic progress. Our goal is to intervene early, connecting students with campus and community resources to maintain academic and social well-being. The team reviews each case and coordinates appropriate outreach and follow-up. The Care Team understands that student life (no matter one’s background or pathway) is stressful, and helping students successfully navigate UA Little Rock is one way to show we care!

Care Team Request Form

To increase the care team’s efficiency in serving students, there is only one request form for both faculty/staff and students.

The Care Team seeks to proactively enhance the well-being and academic success of the University’s students by:

  • Providing a centralized point of contact for persons who develop a concern about the welfare of a student.
  • Taking appropriate action, by referring students to the resources that can provide the support/assistance needed to safely maintain a successful relationship with the University.
  • Provide accountability and follow-up to faculty and staff who refer students to the Care Team

Our Team

The Care Team comprises student-focused administrators who collaborate to understand the complete view of the student’s situation. Communication, care, concern, and coordination are all hallmarks of the Care Team.