Campaign Ambassadors

Academic Advising Stephanie Drombetta
Accounting Andrea Angel
Alumni Relations Clayton Andrews
ASBTDC Michael Singleton
Athletics Sheena Howell
College of Education/Health Professions, Dean’s Office Leah Thorvilson
Audiology and Speech Pathology Terri Hutton
Biology Ann Cameron
Bursar’s Office LaShawn Hayden
Business Information Systems Andrea Angel
Business Micro Computer Lab Andrea Angel
Campus Life Emily Cox
Campus Life Naomi Fletcher
Chancellor’s Office Mia Phillips
Chemistry Leslie Coop
College of Business, Dean’s Office Andrea Angel
College of Arts, Letters and Sciences Laura McClellan
Communications Meaghan Milliorn
Construction Management Jim Carr
Counseling Adult & Rehab Education Ray James
College of Social Science and Communications, Dean’s Office Annie Wright
Development Office Kassi Nelson
Earth Science Jay Sims
Earth Science Jeff Connelly
Economics and Finance Ken Galchus
Vice Provost for Student Life Richard Harper
Education and Health Professions, Dean’s Office Deborah Ann Cook
Education and Health Professions, Dean’s Office Pat Martin
Engineering Technology Amy Frets
Engineering Technology David Luneau
English Vicki Plant
Facilities Management Kendrick Raino
Facilities Management Shanna Morris
Facilities Management – Law School Joe Abbate
Facilities Management – Sign Shop Richard Anderson
Financial Services Armenta Lockhart
Gifted Programs Ann Robinson
Government Relations Elizabeth Owen
Graduate Institute of Technology Kristi Wright
Health Sciences Bennie Prince
Health Services Charlotte Beck
History Katie Wolford
Housing Tracy Collier
Human Resources Services LaTonda Davis
Information Science Bruce Bauer
Information Technology Alveno Smith
Institute For Economic Advancement Andrea Angel
Law School, Dean Wanda Hoover
Mail Services Neal Rawlings
College of Business, Management Thomas Tudor
College of Business, Marketing and Advertising Gary Geissler
Nanotechnology Jo Marie Smith
Ottenheimer Library Susanne Martin
Physics & Astronomy Alois Adams
Political Science Rebecca Glazier
Print Services Liz Shaw
Provost’s Office Karen Roberson
Provost’s Office Marita McNair
Psychology Ben Kowal
Psychology Julie Steel
Public Safety Kaitlyn Phillips
Public Safety Tiffany Snow
Purchasing Suzette Probst
Rhetoric & Writing Sue Bowling
Scholarly Technology & Resources Merlene Love
School of Social Work Greg Smith
College of Education and Health Professions Laura Beck
Sequoyah Research Center Daniel Littlefield
Sociology and Anthropology Bob Sanderson
Systems Engineering Husain Al-Rizzo
Teacher Education Judy Hayn
Testing and Student Life Research April Myers
Theatre Arts and Dance Karen Harris
Transfer Student Services Karen Nelson
TRIO DB Rashad
Vice Chancellor-Finance & Administration Gloria King