Greetings from the Vice Chancellor

Christian O'Neal

Dear friend,

Welcome to the website of the Office of Alumni and Development at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock – a leading unit of the Division of University Advancement.

UA Little Rock’s mission is true to the one established in 1927 by Dr. John Larson, the principal at Little Rock High School and founder of our University. Dr. Larson had a goal in mind for his graduating seniors to provide them with access to an affordable world-class higher education.

Ninety-four years have passed since our beginning. With that original mission intact, the key to achieving affordable and quality education for our students is earning the financial support of our alumni and friends like you. Today’s student body is slightly older than it was at our founding, extremely hard-working and pursuing an education that will lead them to a career that sparks upward mobility for the future.

To our loyal donors, thank you for your tradition of providing a strong foundation for our students. To our future partners, I would be honored to speak with you about the giving priorities that can lead to increasing scholarship and student success, greater support for program excellence and transforming our learning environment.

Together, we can shape a better future for our students, Little Rock and the region through philanthropy.

Warm regards,

Christian O’Neal, ‘01
Vice Chancellor for University Advancement