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Facilities Management

Central Stores

Central Stores directs the acquisition, storage, distribution, and inventory of general office supplies for the campus community.

Placing an Order with Central Stores

Please reference the Central Stores Catalogfor a complete listing of supplies and prices. Please note that the price can change at any point in time, and the catalog is an estimated price.

To place an order with Central Stores, please complete a Central Stores Requisition. Both the catalog and the requisition require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

Instructions for Completing a Central Stores Requisition

1. LOG#: Central Stores will assign the Log Number.

2. Department: Please list the full name of the requesting department.

3. Date: CS attempts to fill orders on a first-come first-served basis.

4. Name: Please type/print the Requester’s name.

5. The complete fund, organization, account, and program (FOAPAL) numbers must be entered correctly for the CS requisition to be processed.

6. Contact Telephone No. , Building Name, & Room No.: All of these are necessary fields regardless of delivery status. It is often necessary to contact the requesting department.

7. Item: Please list the CS item number or the OD item number.

8. Description: Please list a brief description as it appears in the catalog.

9. Quantity: How many do you want of the item (10 cases or 100 reams)?

10. Price: Please list the current price indicated in the on-line Central Stores catalog. Please leave the price blank if it is an Office Depot order.

11. Amount: This will be calculated based on what is entered in the quantity and prices cells.

12. Total: This will be calculated based on the sum of the Amount column.

13. Authorization: All tickets must be authorized by appropriate personnel, usually a department head.

14. Received by: The receiving party ensures all items are present and signs the ticket.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments regarding the process of ordering or the supply list, please contact the warehouse at 569.8900.

Updated 10.20.2016