Keys & Swipe Cards

Requirements to Obtain Keys & Swipe Cards

To obtain a key or swipe card to campus buildings, an individual must present a typed authorization form. Handwritten authorization forms will not be accepted. The authorization form must be signed by the head of the department requesting the issue and the dean or director authorizing the issue. If you are requesting a Sub Master or Master key, it must have the signature of the Vice Chancellor.

Please only include the Building and Room, or key number if known, for which you are requesting a key. This may require multiple authorization forms to be submitted if you are requesting keys to more than 5 rooms as there are only five blanks available on the form. Please note that the authorization form must be submitted to the Lock Shop within 30 days of the signatures.

Any person picking up a key or swipe card must present proper identification and sign the key authorization card, stating the key or swipe card was received. The Lock Shop maintains records of all keys and swipe cards that are issued.

Obtaining Keys for Faculty Emeriti

It is our policy to require requests for keys to be used by Faculty Emeriti to be approved by the Dean of the college for which the individual will be working. Keys for Faculty Emeriti will be signed out to the corresponding Dean, and the Dean will be responsible for the safe-guarding and return of the keys. The key authorization form must be signed by the Dean authorizing the request(s) and must specify the building and room(s) for which the faculty emeritus is requesting access.

Hours of Operation

The Lock Shop is available from 7:30a.m. to 4:00p.m. Monday through Friday.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or problems concerning keys, swipe cards, or locks, please contact the Lock Shop at 501.371.7606 or Larry Rodgers at 501.371.7608.