Thesis and Dissertation Information

Dissertation and Thesis Guidelines

General Information

All students writing theses or dissertations should read the Dissertation and Thesis Guidelines, preferably before they begin the project. The Guidelines contains  the formatting and submission procedures required by the Graduate School; if these are not closely followed, the Graduate School may return the thesis or dissertation to the student for correction.

As of spring 2014, the Graduate School no longer requires bound copies of theses or dissertations. Instead, an electronic copy in PDF form must be uploaded to ProQuest. Please see the Dissertation and Thesis Guidelines below for full review and submission instructions. Note that some programs may still require bound copies, so you should check with your program for specific requirements.

Please note that for students graduating in summer 2013 or later, the “Graduate Dean” line on the thesis/dissertation signature page should read “Interim Graduate Dean.” The correct name and title for the Interim Graduate Dean is:

Paula J. Casey
Professor of Law

Thesis and Dissertation Forms

One of the following forms must be signed by all listed faculty and submitted to the Graduate School after your defense and by or before your format review. You should download the appropriate form and change the bracketed and italicized text to fit your project. Additionally, doctoral students should change all references to “thesis” to “dissertation.”

Committee Approval Form (Advisor Only): Committee Approval Form-Advisor

Committee Approval Form (Co-Advisor):  Committee Approval Form-Co-Advisor