Project Management & Enablement

The Project Management & Enablement Team offers a range of services that help bridge the gap between your business needs and the technology you use to support it. We help plan, launch, manage, assess, and develop the projects or initiatives that you want to undertake.

In today’s world where projects need to be done yesterday with the least amount of resources, it is vital that a common methodology is shared across all projects. Our organization has established a methodology as a means of achieving a greater degree of success in technology projects. It is designed to meet the needs of all segments of the organization as we engage in technical project work.

Client Feedback

I applaud the good work of the group and the cooperation they have all given. I look forward to the completion of the project and the benefits it will yield the campus.”

We couldn’t be more thrilled. And I mean “thrilled” quite literally.

It has been such a delight working on this project. It’s been like no other project with which I’ve been involved. Steady progress. Open communication. Continual concern that we’re getting it right.

We all owe a special thanks to the Project Management Office of ITS for the wonderful work it has done in developing the IT infrastructure necessary to support these initiatives.