Telecommunications Modernization

Production Phase
Expected Start Date
Expected End Date

UA Little Rock has a 20-year-old Centrex telephone system. The system consists of legacy technology that includes a campus-deployed telephone switch that exists within the data center, 2 remote access nodes (1in the Plaza and 1 in the Residence Halls), and traditional telephone trunks or circuits to transport calls to and from campus. Additionally, various remote campus entities such as the School of Law and the Benton School leverage stand-alone contracts with various disparate telephone vendors.

As of May 2018, UA Little Rock signed an agreement with Windstream to provide a Voice over IP (VoIP) service that can be leveraged throughout the entire enterprise and at remote campus locations.  Additionally, it is expected that when fully transitioned, the campus could realize significant yearly cost savings. The service will leverage the new network infrastructure deployed across campus and will require UA Little Rock to assume much of the day-to-day operational responsibilities of moves, adds, and changes that are required within the environment.

This modernization of the telecommunication infrastructure provides UA Little Rock an ideal opportunity to re-evaluate how telephone service is provided across campus. Of paramount inquiry is the determination of the telephone number assignment.

The University has a strategic goal to increase service levels, expand feature sets and deliver cost savings. A single solution addressing communications needs for the 21st Century.

Project Milestones

PhaseDepartment/LocationTarget DateStatus
Phase I (pilot)Benton Campus11/14/18Complete
Phase I (pilot)IT Services11/14/18Complete
Phase I (pilot)Windgate Center of Art & Design
Phase I (pilot)Downtown3/12/19Complete
Phase IINursing10/30/19 Complete
Phase IIEIT10/30/19 Complete
Phase IIDPS10/30/19 Complete
Phase IIAthletics10/30/19 Complete
Phase IIIBowen School of Law12/19/19Complete
Phase IV.2
(College Restructuring)
Center of Applied studies in Education5/20/2020Complete
Phase IV.2
(College Restructuring)
Enrollment (ASK UA LIttle Rock)6/15/2020Complete
Phase IV.2
(College Restructuring)
Study Abroad
Phase IV.2
(College Restructuring)
Phase IV.2
(College Restructuring)
International Student Services6/15/2020Complete
Phase IV.2
(College Restructuring)
College of Education and Health Professions6/15/2020Complete
Phase IV.2
(College Restructuring)
Communications Department6/15/2020Complete
Phase IV.2
(College Restructuring)
CBHSS Student Success Center6/15/2020Complete
Phase IV.2
(College Restructuring)
Phase IVHuman Resources9/9/2020Complete
Phase IVFinancial Services9/9/2020Complete
Phase IVBursar9/9/2020Complete
Phase IVChancellors Office9/9/2020Complete
Phase IVBudget Office9/9/2020Complete
Phase IVProvosts Office9/9/2020Complete
Phase IVAdmissions9/9/2020Complete
Phase IVCounseling Services9/9/2020Complete
Phase IVFinancial Aid9/9/2020Complete
Phase IVTesting Services9/9/2020Complete
Phase IVAdvising9/9/2020Complete
Phase IVTransfer Student Services9/9/2020Complete
Phase IVRecords and Registration9/9/2020Complete
Phase IVFinance and Administration9/9/2020Complete
Phase IVStudent Affairs9/9/2020Complete
Phase VPrint Services11/30/2020Complete
Phase VMcNair Scholars Program11/30/2020Complete
Phase VMilitary Student Success Center11/30/2020Complete
Phase VIntensive English Language Program11/30/2020Complete
Phase VDepartment of Applied Communication11/30/2020Complete
Phase VArkansas Advanced Initiative for Maths and Science (AIMS)11/30/2020Complete
Phase VTalent Search and Education Opportunity Center11/30/2020Complete
Phase VTRIO Student Support Services11/30/2020Complete
Phase VSequoyah National Research Center11/30/2020Complete
Phase VUALR Public Radio11/30/2020Complete
Phase VDepartment of Audiology and Speech Pathology11/30/2020Complete
Phase VFacilities Department11/30/2020Complete
Phase VTheatre and Dance11/30/2020Complete
Phase VChancellor Leadership Corps11/30/2020Complete
Phase VCharles W. Donaldson Scholars Academy11/30/2020Complete
Phase VDepartment of World Languages11/30/2020Complete
Phase VAnthropology and Sociology11/30/2020Complete
Phase VEnglish Department11/30/2020Complete
Phase VDepartment of Psychology11/30/2020Complete
Phase VHistory Department11/30/2020Complete
Phase VSchool of Mass Communication11/30/2020Complete
Phase VPhilosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies11/30/2020Complete
Phase VJodie Mahony Center for Gifted Education11/30/2020Complete
Phase VSchool of Education11/30/2020Complete
Phase VCounseling, Human Performance and Rehabilitation11/30/2020Complete
Phase VAcademy for Teaching and Learning Excellence11/30/2020Complete
Phase VDonaghey Scholars Program11/30/2020Complete
Phase VInstitutional Research and Analytics11/30/2020Complete
Phase VResearch and Sponsored Programs11/30/2020Complete
Phase VGraduate School11/30/2020Complete
Phase VResearch Compliance11/30/2020Complete
Phase VOttenheimer Library11/30/2020Complete
Phase VDonaghey Student Center Administration11/30/2020Complete
Phase VDisability Resource Center11/30/2020Complete
Phase VStudent Experience Center11/30/2020Complete
Phase VHealth Services11/30/2020Complete
Phase VSchool of Social Work11/30/2020Complete
Phase VSchool of Public Affairs11/30/2020Complete
Phase VBookstore11/30/2020Complete
Phase VSchool of Public Affairs11/30/2020Complete
Phase VIAlumni1/28/2021Complete
Phase VICampus Living1/28/2021Complete
Phase VICHASSE Dean's Office1/28/2021Complete
Phase VIRhetoric and Writing1/28/2021Complete
Phase VIMusic1/28/2021Complete
Phase VICenter for Integrative Nanotechnology Sciences1/28/2021Complete
Phase VIBiology1/28/2021Complete
Phase VIChemistry1/28/2021Complete
Phase VIEarth Science1/28/2021Complete
Phase VIArkansas Space Grant Consortium1/28/2021Complete
Phase VIConstruction Management and Civil Engineering
Phase VIMathematics and Statistics
Phase VIEngineering Technology1/28/2021Complete
Phase VIGraduate Institute of Technology1/28/2021Complete
Phase VIPhysics and Astronomy1/28/2021Complete
Phase VICBHSS Deans Office1/28/2021Complete
Phase VIAccounting, Econ and Finance1/28/2021Complete
Phase VIManagement Marketing and BIS1/28/2021Complete
Phase VIAEDI1/28/2021Complete
Phase VIASBTDC1/28/2021Complete
Phase VIChildren International1/28/2021Complete
Phase VIMail Services1/28/2021Complete
Phase VICriminal Justice1/28/2021Complete
Phase VIMulticultural Center1/28/2021Complete
Phase VIUniversity District1/28/2021Complete
Phase VISODEXO1/28/2021Complete
Phase VIISystem lines ( Alarms, firepans, Emergency phones)
3/31/2021In progress
Phase VIIClean up of any remaining Centrex lines3/31/2021In progress
Phase VIIAccount Reconciliation3/31/2021In progress