Accounts and Access

Students automatically receive NetID, email, Windows (Active Directory), and BOSS accounts. Access to other university systems may require special authorization. Prior to using newly-created accounts for the first time, you must set a strong password on each account.

Employees, to find your NetID, email, Windows (Active Directory), BOSS, and Workday accounts, use this new hire checklist.

These accounts are used to grant access to many different applications, including but not limited to

Change your preferred first name
Use this form if you wish to change your first name as displayed in certain university systems to a preferred first name. You may not use this form to request name changes for other users.
Request network or system access
Use this form to create new or change existing network/system accounts. Authorization from a department head and unit head is required to create accounts for individuals who do not currently have an active affiliation with the university (that would normally grant them account access). Examples include temporary guests and vendors, or students who need to retain access to their accounts beyond enrollment. This form does not apply to new hires or shared accounts of any kind.
Expiration Date: The expiration of this special access will not affect a student admission application. Accounts will only be disabled if there are no other records that would normally keep an account active. The maximum expiration date for each access request is 1 year from the date of the request.
Renewal: If a person is not an employee or student but needs to retain special access to UA Little Rock accounts, the previously authorized access may be renewed prior to expiration by contacting IT Services client support. A new access request form is not required for renewal.
Request authorization for Banner access 
Requests for access to Banner can be made for existing employees only. Banner is a comprehensive relational database system containing administrative information about UA Little Rock. Contained within the system are student, employee, and finance records. Because some of these data are sensitive and protected by privacy laws, every effort is made to ensure their integrity. Authorization from your direct-report/supervisor is required for access to Banner. A new authorization request will not replace existing access unless indicated on the form.
Request an exception to the BOSS session time-out
BOSS has a very short session time-out policy in order to increase the security of private or protected information. Employees may request an exception to this policy to prevent BOSS from logging them out during their work hours on a single day.
Request access to Civitas Illume
Illume, the primary application in the Civitas Learning application suite, provides instructors and administrators real-time historical, current, and predictive insights on student performance.

Delivery options

Fax: 501-916-3013
Campus Mail or Drop-off: IT Services Assistance Center Student Union A (SU-A 105)

Unless otherwise noted, all forms may be filled out using a PDF reader, printed, signed, and then scanned back in for delivery via email.