New Trojan Campus Safety Mobile App

UA Little Rock Police, University Communications and IT Services are proud to announce a new smart-phone application called Trojan Campus Safety. This smartphone app from Rave Mobile Safety offers the base of a hosted safety service to students, faculty, staff, and guests. It is provided at no cost and allows campus users to log in with their university NetID account while also allowing unaffiliated users, including visitors of any kind, to utilize some basic features without requiring a login.

Some excellent features include quick access to UA Little Rock Police by phone or chat using Mobile BlueLight which connects users to UA Little Rock Dispatch. Users can send their location and destination to UA Little Rock Dispatchers as well as share their route on campus with a friend so they can track their progress safely.

There are many more useful features with the new service and the campus is encouraged to try it out by visiting the app store for their phone to download it and log in.

Features include:

  • Quick Access to Emergency Contacts
  • Mobile BlueLight (Geofencing restricts use to on-campus only)
  • Share Your Route  (Geofencing restricts use to on-campus only but can be shared with users in other locations)
  • Dispatch Virtual Walk  (Geofencing restricts use to on-campus only)
  • Make a Report
  • Safety Toolbox
  • Emergency Plans
  • Support Resources (Various numbers and departments to reach help)
  • Campus Maps (Links to campus amps)
  • Public Safety (Links)
  • Live Chat with Dispatchers
  • Campus-wide events to introduce the service start September 19, 2023 with some programs involving UA Little Rock Police and the Student Government Association.

This new service is available to campus users from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Look for this app to be introduced at campus-wide events beginning soon with programs involving UA Little Rock Police and the Student Government Association.

Trojan Campus Safety

University of Arkansas at Little Rock

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