Notes from the Chair

I’m excited to be here in central Arkansas and serving as the interim chair of the Department of Computer Science at UA Little Rock. My professional journey has included 20 years as a member of the faculty in the Department of Computer Science at Iowa State University as well as 20 years in the private sector as a software engineer and architect. I’m confident I’ll draw on these varied professional experiences as we continue to grow. Please read on to learn more about the unique opportunities our department continues to develop.

Lucrative Careers

Cybersecurity, virtual reality, augmented reality, data visualization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer graphics are dynamic areas of computer science with exploring career opportunities. The Department of Computer Science at UA Little Rock can guide you to jobs in these exciting areas.

Recent graduates of the department have accepted positions with industry leaders such as FIS, Dillard’s Technology, First Orion, Acxiom, and Mainstream Technologies. The department strives to serve and continues to build relations with Little Rock and Arkansas employers.

Exceptional Opportunities for Students

The department is student-focused and offers a variety of opportunities at the undergraduate, MS, and PhD levels. The faculty is energetic, is committed to student learning, and has the extensive industry on top of academic experience. This department is unique in providing exceptional opportunities for both undergraduate as well as graduate students to participate in funded research projects.

Along with the possibility of participating in research, students can get involved through organizations including the Student Chapter of the ACM at U A Little Rock and the Cybersecurity Club.

Enthusiastic Faculty

The Department of Computer Science at UA Little Rock has recently added enthusiastic, experienced, and well-trained faculty in cybersecurity, mobile applications, and computer graphics. They join a department with nationally recognized strengths in virtual reality, augmented reality, data visualization, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

In this case “nationally recognized” is more than hyperbole. Please check out the inspiring research and development being conducted in the Emerging Analytics Center (EAC) here at UA Little Rock. The EAC funds computer science BS, MS,  and PhD students. EAC students have recently taken positions at Microsoft Research, Haliburton, Unity, Meta, and CAE.

Cybersecurity Degree Program

UA Little Rock will begin offering a BS in Cybersecurity in 2021. The degree will prepare students for one of the fastest-growing fields. Cybersecurity is critical, as we become more and more dependent on our data. More information on the program can be accessed here.

New Opportunities

One challenge of being an enthusiastic member of a constantly changing field is developing new areas of focus and finding new communities to share them with. This year we will be leveraging our blossoming opportunities in cybersecurity to provide Arkansas’s active, soon-to-be-retired, and retired military personnel a clear glide path to educational opportunities here in Little Rock.

I am a Vietnam combat veteran (101st Airborne Division, I Corp, 1970) and am passionately committed to supporting opportunities for military personnel to study and find life-long success in Arkansas.

I’m honored, energized, and committed to the continued flourishing of the Department of Computer Science at UA Little Rock. Come study with us!


Dr. Albert L. Baker, Interim Chair

Department of Computer Science
EIT 579
Email: abaker@ualr.edu