Data Visualization

Opportunities for Students

Students in the Department of Computer Science at UA Little Rock have numerous opportunities to explore, such as data visualization.

When a computer screen alone is not enough to represent data, special tools such as Virtual/Augmented Reality headsets or CAVEs (CAVE Automatic Virtual Environments) are necessary. Data Visualization at its core is the development of applications dedicated to the representation of complex data utilizing mediums. These mediums range from the humble LCD screen to the emerging technologies of tomorrow. Immerse yourself in the data and manipulate it at your fingertips with a career in Data Visualization.

Discipline Description

Typically when visualizing data on paper, simple 2-dimensional graphs are used. When there is data that requires more than an X and Y-axis, animations on a computer screen are used. What happens when the data has more than 3 axes? What happens when the data has more axes than you can count on two hands or perhaps even hundreds to thousands of axes? Data visualization has the tools and techniques to accomplish this, but you will be the one to put them to use. Imagine, for instance, being able to “walk” into your data points and see them in real-space, live? This is what makes visualization such an exciting field.

data visualization example with data

Job Opportunities

Computer Information Research Scientists:

  • Median Salary: $118,370 per year
  • Job Growth: 16%
  • Increase in Jobs 2018-28: 5,200

Computer Programmer:

  • Median Salary: $84,280
  • No. of Jobs 2018: 250,300

Computer Systems Analysts:

  • Median Salary: $88,740
  • Job Growth: 9%
  • Increase in Jobs 2018-28: 56,000


The UA Little Rock Emerging Analytics Center (EAC), in collaboration with the SEEDS Cybersecurity Center, is developing a virtual-reality enabled data visualization network to thwart attacks in the electric power distribution industry.

The EAC at UA Little Rock has also participated in a past project for the visualization of multidimensional marketing data. The EAC provides both undergraduate and graduate students funded research opportunities in data visualization.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Jan Springer
Office: EIT 420