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National Cyber Teaching Academy (NCTA) Certification

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The University of Arkansas at Little Rock is one of the founding institutions of the National Cyber Teaching Academy (NCTA). UA Little Rock’s designation as a Center of Academic Excellence represents meeting rigorous qualifications set by the National Security Agency (NSA), the sponsor of the program. The certification at UA Little Rock is 18 credits, delivered synchronously online. View the course descriptions below:

*course substitutions accepted with permission of program coordinator

CSEC 7310 Foundations of Cybersecurity

Covers the broad topics of cybersecurity thought including adversarial thinking, risk management, legal and ethical foundations, privacy, human psychology, system thinking, ubiquitous computing, and trust and assurance.

CSEC 7301 Teaching Cybersecurity

Covers key topics related to teaching cybersecurity including curriculum guidelines, curriculum models, pedagogical strategies, and instructional tools and technologies.

CSEC 7320 Cybersecurity Operations

This course examines the processes and technology to defend cyber systems against adversarial threats. Students will develop skills to plan and implement a cybersecurity operations strategy to align with organizational risk.

CSEC 5340 Advanced Digital Forensics
and Incident Response*

This course provides skills for the ability to conduct forensic analysis of operating and network systems, preserve logs, and create reports which will prepare students with the technical and communication expertise necessary to explores digital forensics and incident response professions.

CSEC 5320 and Privacy Law, Policy and

Covers ethics, laws, and policies related to cybersecurity. This course familiarizes students with the practice of law in relation to cybercrime and covers various regulatory compliance frameworks. Students will understand the global, social, economic, and legal impacts of cybersecurity in society.

CSEC 5318 Cybersecurity Practicum

Provides exposure to cybersecurity operations through service projects, research, or industry experience. This course is designed for students to work with industry or the community in cybersecurity operations environment to apply knowledge in the development, implementation, testing and documentation of security controls.

Degree Requirements: Certificate requirements can be found in the Graduate Catalog

Admission requirements: In addition to regular UA Little Rock Graduate School admissions, the NCTA prioritizes incoming students who are a licensed teacher. For cohort 2, the application deadline is the same deadline for general UA Little Rock Admission.